Greg's - 1972 Yamaha Mini Enduro

I think all of us remember our first bike, and Greg certainly does. His being a 1972 Yahama Mini Enduro he recieved on his 6th birthday, a gift from his grandparents. Greg wanted his grandson to share his experience but sadly his Mini Enduro had gone missing years before. 

With a little help from AMW, he was able to find one in Southern California and have it shipped to us in Georgia. Here it is being delivered to the shop.

Looking it over after unloading, we noticed a lot of non-factory parts had been installed over the years. 

and that she was missing a few parts...

and had leaks everywhere...

and had some "fabrication" done to mount the incorrect seat..

and that the engine needed a little work.

So we got started by tearing it down to the bare frame and sent it out to be powder coated after repairs.

The engine was completely disassembled, vapor honed and rebuilt to factory specs using all new seals and gaskets.

We sourced replacement fenders and had everything painted back to original. 


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